Barcelona FC: ADIOS AMIGO?

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I am certainly not an alarmist, but I shudder to think what fate awaits Barcelona FC when the next soccer season kicks off in Spain and Europe! The reason for this  is coach Pep Guardiola's decision to bid farewell to a team he has so lovingly guarded to the enviable position of one of the best teams in the world. For years, this Barcelona team has demonstrated that there is more to soccer than just kicking a round object around a field. Soccer is an art. In the art of soccer, skill is not only essential, it is inevitable. For those who deligently follow this game, it is not a secret that skill, discipline, diligence and resilience are ingridients any good side must possess. Under Guardiola, Barcelona did not lack any of these. The team functioned like a well oiled engine.

Would Pep have decided to stay if Barcelona hadn't been denied the Champios league by a very resilient Chelsea team, and the La Liga title by 'The Special One's' Real Madrid? Very likely so. However, it is not impossible he might still have decided to move on. Barcelona had won virtually everything under his watch; it certainly would have been good to get a breath of 'Fresh Air' somewhere else. Take on new challenges; show the world that he is capable of replicating  his success in Barcelona anywhere else. Whatever happens, good-luck coach Guardiola.

What happens to Lionel Messi, and this star studded team after Peps departure? Can they over-come the psychological impact? Will some of them be so devastated that they will eventually decide to jump ship? We may never realise the impact of Peps departure and the 'Wreck N' Effect' it leaves on the team, until the soccer season in Europe finally kicks off. One thing is clear to me: Barcelona will never be the-same again!

One glaring consequence of Peps departure from Barcelona, and the possible disintegration of the team (As the disintegration of former Soviet Union,) Real Madrid, as the United States of America, becomes the undisputable super power in Spain and Europe! Don't get me wrong, I love Real Madrid, but I would love to see a balance of power in club soccer. I never liked it when Barcelona was dominating every team. I was happy to see Chelsea,(whom many never gave a chance), contest the finals of the 2012 Champions league final against Bayern Munich. It can only ascribe positive things, and image for this beautiful game. Just as Inter Milan, AC Milan, and a host of other powerful and famous clubs in the world have dominated and bowed out, It is probably time to say, "ADIOS AMIGO, TO BARCELONA FC,"

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Barcelona FC: ADIOS AMIGO?

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This article was published on 2012/06/09